Eclipse/STS shortcut keys for Uppercase and Lowercase

Getting familiar with shortcut keys improve the productivity and Eclipse/STS these shortcut keys help you for changing the case(uppercase and lowercase) type of variable, value, enum, class, etc on the fly.

P.S. Before apply the shortcut keys, you have to select entire value, variable, enum, class, etc.

1. Uppercase

Ctrl + Shift + X is shortcut keys to change any variable, value, etc. to uppercase.

// before
private String someText ="hey, i'm a java developer";

private static final Integer  someValue=101;

// after
private String someText ="HEY, I'M A JAVA DEVELOPER";

private static final Integer  SOMEVALUE=101;

 * Testing with enum

// before
enum Weekend{

// after
enum Weekend{

2. Lowercase

Ctrl + Shift + Y is shortcut keys to change any variable, value, etc. to lowercase.

// before
private String someNewText="HEY, I'M A PYTHON DEVELOPER";

private String webSITE="";

// after 
private String someNewText="hey, i'm a python developer";

private String website="";

3. References

  1. Eclipse/STS – Optimize/Remove unused imports shortcut keys
  2. How to set maximum line length in Eclipse/STS
  3. How to import Spring Boot project in Eclipse/STS IDE

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