How to increase console buffer size in Eclipse/STS

On this page, we will learn how to increase the console buffer size in Eclipse/STS. Sometimes you may notice that […]

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Sort even and odd numbers in ascending & descending order in Java

To sort even and odd numbers in ascending and descending order in Java, you can utilize Java 8 features and […] Continue reading »

Java- Sort Even Number First and Maintain the Order

Sort Even Number First and Maintain the Order in Java: You have an array of integers with mixed numbers i.e. […] Continue reading »

Bean Scopes in Spring

Spring offers several bean scopes, each with its advantages and disadvantages. This post will delve into the various bean scopes, […] Continue reading »

Oracle PL/SQL: Triggers

On this page, we’ll see how to create triggers in the Oracle database. Triggers are powerful database objects that automatically […] Continue reading »

Java Pattern Matching for Switch

Java 17 brings a new language feature called Pattern Matching for Switch as a preview. This feature allows case labels […] Continue reading »

IntStream summaryStatistics() in Java 8

In Java 8, the IntStream interface provides the summaryStatistics() method, which returns an IntSummaryStatistics object describing various summary statistics for […] Continue reading »

Spring Boot- How to change default context path

In Spring Boot, you can change the default context path by modifying the or application.yml file. By default '/'(root) […] Continue reading »

Display all beans name loaded by Spring Boot

In Spring Boot, you can display all the bean names loaded in the application context using the ApplicationContext object. See […] Continue reading »

IntelliJ IDEA- Enable Multiple Cursors for Editing

In IntelliJ IDEA, using Alt + Shift + Mouse Click (Windows/Linux) or Option + Shift + Mouse Click (macOS), you […] Continue reading »

Different Ways To Styling React Component

There are several ways to style React components, each with its own advantages and use cases. Here are some common […] Continue reading »

Sealed Interface in Java 17

In Java, a sealed interface is a feature introduced in Java 17 to restrict which classes can implement an interface. […] Continue reading »

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