How to create custom Scrollbar in CSS

Using CSS properties, you can customize the scrollbar of your website. This short article will explain, how to create a custom Scrollbar in CSS.

1. Firefox Browser

Below CSS properties will only work for the Firefox web browsers.

html {
    scrollbar-width: thin;
    scrollbar-color: red gray;
  • scrollbar-width will change the width of the Firefox browser scrollbar width.
  • scrollbar-color will change the scrollbar thumb and background color.

Screenshot of Firefox browser:

Firefox: How to create custom Scrollbar in CSS

2. Other Browser

It will work for almost every web browser except Firefox.

html::-webkit-scrollbar {
    width: 2vw;

html::-webkit-scrollbar-track {
    background-color: gray;

html::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
    background-color: red;

Screenshot of Chrome browser:

How to create custom Scrollbar in CSS?


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