Spring 5 MVC Java Based Configuration Example

In the last two tutorials, we have learned how to create a Spring Web MVC application using XML-based configuration and […]

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Get all available Currency code and name in Java

In Java, getAvailableCurrencies() is a static method of Currency class that returns all available currencies. Currency class is inside the […] Continue reading »

Java 8- Find the Average of List of Integers

In Java 8, the average() method of the DoubleStream interface calculate the average of the list of integers. 1. Stream […] Continue reading »

How to create custom Scrollbar in CSS

Using CSS properties, you can customize the scrollbar of your website. This short article will explain, how to create a […] Continue reading »

Eclipse/STS – Optimize/Remove unused imports shortcut keys

Ctrl + Shift + O is the shortcut key to optimize or remove the unused import from your code in […] Continue reading »

IntelliJ IDEA– Remove/Optimize unused imports shortcut keys

In IntelliJ IDEA, Ctrl + Alt + O is the shortcut keys to remove/optimize unused imports for Windows/Linux operating system, […] Continue reading »

Different ways to iterate/loop a List of Integers in Java

In Java, you can iterate or loop a List object in different ways. In this short example, you will find […] Continue reading »

Java- Find the element in the List having maximum value

In Java 8, Stream API’s max method returns the maximum element of this stream according to the provided Comparator and […] Continue reading »

Java- Find all Capital Letters in the String

In this short tutorial, we’ll find all the capital letters in the given String using Java. Character.isUpperCase(char ch) returns true […] Continue reading »

IntelliJ IDEA – Find file containing text shortcut

In IntelliJ IDEA, Ctrl + Shift + F is the shortcut key to find the file containing any text like […] Continue reading »

Spring Boot Cookies Example

In this article, we’ll explore how to use cookies in the Spring Boot application. A cookie is a small piece […] Continue reading »


In MongoDB database, db.collection.update({criteria},{$operator: {new value}}) or db.collection.updateMany({criteria},{$operator: {new value}}) method is used to ADD, DELETE, or MODIFY/RENAME the existing […] Continue reading »

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