Spring Boot Dynamic DataSource Routing using AbstractRoutingDataSource

This page will walk through Dynamic DataSource Routing using AbstractRoutingDataSource and Spring Data JPA in Spring Boot. AbstractRoutingDataSource is an […]

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Top 5 React Hooks

React hooks were introduced in version 16.8 to manage the state of React applications. Hooks provide a more elegant and […] Continue reading »

How to consume REST APIs in React using Axios

Axios is a popular JavaScript library that simplifies the process of making HTTP requests, including REST API calls, in React. […] Continue reading »

How to call a REST API in React

In modern web development, integrating REST APIs into our React applications is a common requirement. REST APIs enable us to […] Continue reading »

Setup a React Development Environment and Getting Started

React has gained immense popularity among developers for its efficient and flexible JavaScript library for building attractive user interfaces. To […] Continue reading »

Different ways to convert an Entity to a DTO in Java

In Java development, it is common to separate the concerns of the Data Layer (entity) and the presentation layer (DTO […] Continue reading »

Does Spring Boot automatically close database connection?

Yes, Spring Boot can automatically manage and close database connections for you. Spring Boot provides integration with various database technologies […] Continue reading »

Limitations of the var Keyword in Java

In this article, we will explore the limitations of the 'var' keyword in Java. While the 'var' keyword brings several […] Continue reading »

Java var Keyword: Enhancing Code Readability and Flexibility

With the release of Java 10, a 'var' keyword was introduced. The 'var' keyword allows developers to declare local variables […] Continue reading »

Java Just-In-Time (JIT) Compiler Overview

Java, a widely-used programming language, is renowned for its portability and ease of development. A crucial aspect behind its popularity […] Continue reading »

Best Practices to Optimize SQL Query

Efficiently optimizing SQL queries is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness in database-driven applications. Whether you’re a database administrator, […] Continue reading »

Java 8 Consumer and Supplier Example

Java 8 introduced several functional interfaces in the java.util.function package to support functional programming paradigms. Among these interfaces, Consumer and […] Continue reading »

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