Top 5 SQL Developer Shortcut Keys

This article will help you to get familiar with the Top 5 Oracle SQL Developer Shortcut Keys. Getting handly with these shortcut keys will save time and increase productivity.

P.S Tested with SQL Developer Version 4.2.0 on a Windows machine.

1. Ctrl + Enter or F9

Both Ctrl + Enter or F9 are used to execute/run the selected SQL query in the current SQL Developer worksheet. You just have to select or place the mouse pointer in between the SQL query and press the Ctrl + Enter or F9 to fire the query.

SQL Developer Shortcut Keys to execute the query

2. Ctrl + F7

Ctrl + F7 are used to format the SQL query. It will give a nice structure to an unorganized SQL query.

SQL Developer Shortcut Keys to format the sql query

3. Shift + F4

Shift + F4 will open a pop-up window to describe the selected object/table like columns, triggers, constraints, etc.

SQL Developer Shortcut Keys to open object or table details

4. Ctrl + F

This shortcut key is used to search for anything within the current open query editor/worksheet.

SQL Developer Shortcut Keys to search within the worksheet

5. Alt + F10

Alt + F10 will open the new SQL worksheet/query editor. It will be more useful when you have to test multiple SQL queries and you don’t want to mess up everything in a single worksheet.

SQL Developer Shortcut Keys to open a new worksheet


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