How to import Maven project in Eclipse

On this page, we will guide you to import the existing Maven Project in your Eclipse IDE. Eclipse provides many options for importing your existing project like EAR file, RAR file, etc. and one of the important options is import Existing Maven Project.

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Note: Before importing the Maven project, you must need to install the Maven plugin tool in your Eclipse IDE.

If you are using the latest version of Eclipse like Luna, Mars or Neon, maven plugin is preinstalled. In this tutorial, I have used the Eclipse Neon.

Download Simple Maven Project for test–

Follow the below steps…

Step 1: Open your Eclipse IDE and go to File » Import.

How to import Maven project in Eclipse

Step 2: Search for Maven, expand the folder and go to Maven » Existing Maven Project » Next.

How to import Maven project in Eclipse

Step 3: Browse your Maven Project from the root directory. It will scan for pom.xml. Select your project pom.xml and click on Finish button.

How to import Maven project in Eclipse

Step 4: It will import the project in Eclipse IDE. Make sure you have internet connectivity because maven download required jars from Maven Central Repository if any.

Step 5: Thank You.

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