How to remove table row using jQuery

In this tutorial, we are going to remove a row from the table using JQuery. JQuery provides the closest() method, […]

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How to set and get Thread name in Java

This Java tutorial will explain how to set and get a thread name in Java. Thread class provides two methods […] Continue reading »

How to set Thread priority in Java

This tutorial will explain the “How to set the priority of Thread in Java”. Every thread has a priority and […] Continue reading »

Java Thread.sleep() method Example

Thread.sleep method of current thread suspends the execution of a program for a specific time. This method is generally used […] Continue reading »

List of Thread class methods in Java

On this page, you will get the list of some frequently used methods of class Thread in Java that makes the application […] Continue reading »

How to Create Thread in Java

This tutorial will explain how to create a Thread in Java. A thread can be created by two way in […] Continue reading »

File Handling Example in Java

This tutorial will explain “How to Handle File in Java”. There are many ways to handle or manipulate the file […] Continue reading »

How to Fetch data from Database in JSP using Struts 2

This Struts 2 tutorials will explain how to fetch data from MySQL database using struts 2. In this demo, we […] Continue reading »

Struts 2 and Jasper Report Integration Example

This struts 2 tutorials explain how to integrate Jasper iReport in your dynamic web application to generate the PDF report. […] Continue reading »

How to parse XML in Java

In this tutorial, we will read the XML file via DOM XML parser using Java program. DOM parser loads the […] Continue reading »

How to Remove php, html Extension from URL using htaccess

Most of the time web developer does not want to show the file extension in URL. Now the problem is […] Continue reading »

Struts 2 and MySQL Database Connectivity Example

This Struts 2 tutorial explains how to connect with the database using the Struts 2 Framework and save the details […] Continue reading »

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