Miscellaneous Tutorials

How to enable breadcrumb in Eclipse/STS

In Eclipse, we can enable or show the breadcrumb bar in three ways: 1. Menu Bar We can enable the […] Continue reading »

How to delete duplicate rows in Excel

This tutorial will help you to remove all the duplicated data/rows from the Excel sheet. Follow the below steps: Step […] Continue reading »

Eclipse shortcuts for Open Call Hierarchy

In Eclipse IDE, Ctrl + Alt + H are the shortcut key to see the call hierarchy of any method […] Continue reading »

How to search old emails in Gmail quickly

This article will help to search older emails on your Gmail account faster and easier with the new operators. If […] Continue reading »

How to increase Eclipse toolbar icon size

This article will help you how to increase Eclipse toolbar icon size. Sometimes you might be notice Eclipse interface icons […] Continue reading »

Shortcut key for Extract Local Variable in Eclipse/STS

Alt + Shift + L are the shortcut keys to extract/assigned a piece of code to a local variable in […] Continue reading »

IntelliJ IDEA shortcut for Extract/Introduce Local Variable

In IntelliJ IDEA, Ctrl + Alt + V for Windows/Linux and ⌘⌥V for macOS is the shortcut key to extract […] Continue reading »

How to install Apache 2.4 and PHP 8 on a Windows Machine

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and configure Apache 2.4 and PHP 8 on a Windows machine. […] Continue reading »

IntelliJ IDEA- Import/Open multiple project in single Window

IntelliJ IDEA does not support to open the multiple project in same working window directly. But it can be possible […] Continue reading »

Eclipse/STS shortcut keys for Uppercase and Lowercase

Getting familiar with shortcut keys improve the productivity and Eclipse/STS these shortcut keys help you for changing the case(uppercase and […] Continue reading »

How to import Spring Boot project in Eclipse/STS IDE

On this page you’ll find step by step guide to import a existing Spring Boot project in your Eclipse/STS IDE. […] Continue reading »

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