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Shortcut key to evaluate expression/variable in IntelliJ IDEA

Alt + F8 is the shortcut key to evaluate expression/variable in the IntelliJ IDEA. You can only evaluate a expression/variable […] Continue reading »

IntelliJ IDEA – Find file containing text shortcut

In IntelliJ IDEA, Ctrl + Shift + F is the shortcut key to find the file containing any text like […] Continue reading »

How to connect Spring Boot application with MongoDB

This guide will help you to establish a database connection bridge between the Spring Boot application and MongoDB database. You […] Continue reading »

Getting Started with Spring Boot and MongoDB

In this article, we’ll learn how to connect the Spring Boot application with the MongoDB database and access data from […] Continue reading »

IntelliJ IDEA – Spring Boot Dev Tools is not working

You might be facing the issue with IntelliJ IDEA that Spring Boot Dev Tools dependency is not reloading/deploy the latest […] Continue reading »

IntelliJ IDEA – Code reformat and rearrange shortcut keys

In IntelliJ IDEA, we can use Ctrl + Alt + L to reformat and rearrange code in Windows and Linux […] Continue reading »

IntelliJ IDEA – System.out.println shortcut

In IntelliJ IDEA, type sout and press the Enter or Tab button from your keyboard to generate System.out.println() automatically. P.S. Tested with IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3.3 (Community Edition) […] Continue reading »

IntelliJ IDEA – public static void main shortcut

In IntelliJ IDEA, type main and press the Enter or Tab button from your keyboard to generate public static void […] Continue reading »

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