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Lazy Initialization in Spring Boot

In this article, we’ll see how to configure the lazy initialization in the Spring Boot application. Spring Boot 2.2 introduces […] Continue reading »

Circular Dependencies in Spring

This post is all about how to resolve circular dependency issue in Spring causing UnsatisfiedDependencyException. In simple words when two […] Continue reading »

Spring Boot Forgot Password Example

This guide will help you to create the Spring Boot REST API for forgot password. The password recovery feature is […] Continue reading »

Spring Boot + RabbitMQ Example

This post is about introduction on how to connect with RabbitMQ AMQP server using Spring Boot application and publish messages […] Continue reading »

Spring Boot- Send email using FreeMarker

On this page, we’ll explore how to send an email using Spring Boot and FreeMarker. FreeMarkerTemplateUtils is a utility class […] Continue reading »

Spring Boot + FreeMarker Example

In this article, we’ll integrate the Spring Boot and FreeMarker. FreeMarker is a template engine (Java library) to generate the […] Continue reading »

How to send email using Spring Boot

On this page, we’ll learn how to send an email using the Spring Boot application via SMTP. Spring provides a […] Continue reading »

Microservices Configuration Management with Spring Boot

In this article, we’re going to look at Configuration Management in Microservices with Spring Boot + Spring Cloud Config Server.  […] Continue reading »

Spring Data JPA @Query Annotation Example

On this page, we’ll learn to write custom queries using Spring Data JPA @Query annotation. @Query annotation supports both JPQL […] Continue reading »

Spring Data JPA Derived Query Methods Example

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about Spring Data JPA derived query methods example. Spring Data JPA gives the flexibility to […] Continue reading »

@ConfigurationProperties Annotation in Spring Boot

@ConfigurationProperties annotation is used to pulling up a “group of configuration values” from the properties file. @ConfigurationProperties annotation is also […] Continue reading »

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