Java Tutorials

Java- Find the element in the List having maximum value

In Java 8, Stream API’s max method returns the maximum element of this stream according to the provided Comparator and […] Continue reading »

Java- Find all Capital Letters in the String

In this short tutorial, we’ll find all the capital letters in the given String using Java. Character.isUpperCase(char ch) returns true […] Continue reading »

How to generate QR Code in Java

QRGen library provides an API to generate the QR Code in a Java application. It is built on the top […] Continue reading »

How to display all UTC offset in Java 8

In Java 8, we can use ZoneId.getAvailableZoneIds() to get all unique zone id and LocalDateTime to get UTC offset of […] Continue reading »

Java 8 – Difference between two LocalDate

In Java 8, we can use Period.between(startDate, endDate) method to find out the difference between two LocalDate instances. Period is […] Continue reading »

Display all ZoneId in Java 8

In Java 8, ZoneId.getAvailableZoneIds() method return all available unique ZoneId and we can loop it for display. static Set<String> getAvailableZoneIds(); […] Continue reading »

Java 8– Calculate date & time difference between two Zone

In Java 8, we can use zoneId)) to get current LocalDateTime instance of the zoneId  and Duration to calculate […] Continue reading »

Java 8 – Calculate difference between two LocalDateTime

In this short article, we’ll learn how to calculate the difference between two dates in Java 8. We can use […] Continue reading »

How to create Token in Java

In this article, we will show you a few ways to create/generate a unique token in Java. Creating a unique […] Continue reading »

Java 8 – Generating One Time Password (OTP)

In this short article, we’ll look at how to generate One Time Password (OTP) in Java 8. In Java 8, […] Continue reading »

Java 8 Base64 Encoding and Decoding Example

In this guide, we’ll explore the Java 8 Base64 utility class for obtaining encoders and decoders for the Base64 encoding […] Continue reading »

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