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Definition, Secretion, Regulation of Release, Function and Drawback of Growth Hormone(GH) in Pharmacy

Hormone A hormone is secreted from an endocrine gland. Endocrine gland consists  a group of secretary cell that is surrounded […] Continue reading »

Introduction, Pharmacological Action/Function, Regulation of release and Drawback of Progesterone in Pharmacy

Introduction Progesterone is a gonadal hormone secreted from corpus luteum cell of ovarian follicle of female. It is steroidal in […] Continue reading »

Introduction and Type of Autacoids in Pharmacy

Autacoids Greek word- Autos means self and Akos means healing substance. Autacoids is also known as Local hormones because it […] Continue reading »

Introduction, Classification and Mechanism of Action of Emetic and Antiemetic drug in Pharmacy

Emetics or Vomiting An emetic is also known as Vomiting. It is defined as the process of evacuation or elimination […] Continue reading »

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