Introduction and Type of Autacoids in Pharmacy


Greek word- Autos means self and Akos means healing substance. Autacoids is also known as Local hormones because it synthesized and release for the activity and after work it destroys.

It formed by many tissues and have a limited biological activity. It releases mainly during Allergy, hypersensitivity and inflammatory reaction

They differ from the hormone-like Thyroxin, insulin etc. because they are produced in tissue rather than endocrine organ and are limited in their action.

Derivative of Autacoids

Autacoids are derived into…

  1. Amine autacoids-
    It is synthesized by an amine.

    e.g.- Histamine, 5-Hydrixy Tryptamine (5-HT or Serotonin).

  2. Lipid derived autacoids-
    Synthesize by Lipids.

    e.g.- Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, Platelets activating factors.

  3. Peptide autacoids-
    Plasma kinins (Bradykinin, kallidin) Angiotensin.

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