How to capitalize the first letter of a String in PHP

In PHP, we can use the inbuild ucfirst(string $string) function to convert the first character of a string to uppercase. ucfirst(string $string) function is available from PHP 4+ versions.

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	$str1 = 'atul rai';
	$str1 = ucfirst($str1);      
	echo $str1;                 // Atul rai

	$str2 = 'ATUL RAI';
	$str2 = ucfirst($str2);            
	echo $str2;                 // ATUL RAI
	$str3 = '#atul rai';
	$str3 = ucfirst($str3);             
	echo $str3;                 // #atul rai


  1. ucfirst

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